InnoSoft Fusion Product Updates v3.3

We're with you.

This release was inspired by the amazing clients we serve. We witnessed how resilient and creative the rec community can be in the wake of a worldwide pandemic. And we're committed to providing you the tools to keep your operations running smoothly. Our team has been hard at work developing great features across Fusion, FusionGO and FusionIM. From the ability to track the number of occupants in a facility to supporting virtual program sessions, we're excited to bring you these new features and more. We're not stopping there--we've dedicated the 2020 development cycle to build more features with the safety of your staff and customers top of mind.

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If you are looking for an at-a-glance list of all additions, changes or fixes in this version of Fusion, please see our Release Notes article.

Facility Access

Occupancy Counter

Tracking facility occupancy on the Access screen just got easier. With the newest addition of a live counter, staff can track the number of visitors in a facility at any given time. It will also allow staff the ability to limit visitor capacity. Leave it to entry and exit scans to automate tracking or have staff manually update the counter as visitors come and go.

How to Configure and Manage Facility Access Occupancy Counter


Better Support for Virtual Sessions

Stay connected, active and healthy with virtual program. Direct participants to a conferencing platform of your choice, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or a pre-recorded video on YouTube. Participants who register for a virtual program will be provided a portal link to log in then be redirected to the virtual session.

How to Use Virtual Sessions

Participant Messaging

The member portal instructor view has undergone a fresh redesign, with the addition of a messaging feature. Instructors can now email participants with important updates such as class delays, cancellations or location changes.

A new messaging feature for admins.

Improved Sorting & Search Capabilities

Participants are now ordered alphabetically in both online and in-person program check-in views, making it easier to find individuals who have arrived for check-in. And instructors can now search for a participant by their preferred name.

InnoSoft Fusion makes it easier to find individuals who have arrived for check-in.


Added Security for Digital ID Barcodes

Additional security has been added to FusionGO's existing digital ID barcodes. A unique barcode, only valid for 30 seconds, is now generated each time a member accesses the digital ID within FusionGO. This will ensure that member barcodes can't be copied and shared with others.

New dynamic Barcode on the FusionGO app for contactless entry.


Enforcing Team Minimums

A much-requested addition is coming your way in FusionIM! You can now turn on enforcement for Team Minimum requirements for any free Leagues. All teams in the League will start on the waitlist until the number and/or gender requirements for participants on the team are met. Teams will then be automatically moved into the Division if a spot is available.

New feature added to enforce Team Minimum.

Changes for Self-Officiated Leagues

We've also made several additions and changes to help participant managed activities such as esports. Date ranges and filtering for single scores are now available for Score Tracker, while Division filters are also now available on Game Day. How to self-submit a score is now more visible to Captains with a revamp of game cards throughout FusionIM. Finally, per Sport you can set if Captains are allowed to update their team name.

New feature added to enforce Team Minimum.


Support for Online Recurring Billing and Shared Token

Shopping just got a little easier with the expanded functionality of the Shift4 integration. Members now have the ability to purchase monthly recurring memberships online. They can also save their credit card to use for both in-person and online purchases.

Improved Design of Saved Cards and Workflow

We've updated the checkout and saved card modal on the member portal with a modern look and feel that your members are sure to enjoy.

Shopping just got a little easier with the expanded functionality of the Shift4 integration.

Explore the World of Integrated Payments

Invoice Images

Keep your invoices looking professional. Invoices have been refreshed with a modern look, and now include the option to add an image.

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Stay Tuned for More Coming This Summer...

Enhanced Facility Usage Reservations

We're taking Fusion's current reservation capabilities a huge step forward. We're building a new reservation tool from the ground up to give your members a modern, one-click reservation experience and your staff a set of seamless check-in features.

InnoSoft Fusion new online reservation capabilities coming soon!

Member-Facing Facility Occupancy Counts

As your facility traffic continues to ramp up as we head towards the fall, keep your members up-to-date with live facility occupancy counts, fed right from your facility access data. In addition to this page being embedded in your member portal, you can include a link to it right from your main website.

InnoSoft Fusion new online reservation capabilities coming soon!